Is The Tube Lipstick Dead? via SWTST

Check out my latest article on swtst.co titled, “Is The Tube Lipstick Dead?”. In this article, I talk about some new advances in lippies and compare them to the staple tube lipstick. Despite the growing popularity of liquid lipsticks, I think the tube lipstick is here to stay! Check out the article here, and let me know your thoughts!

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Do you think liquid lipsticks will replace tube lippies, or are they here to stay? Share your thoughts below!

6 Ways to Make Your Curls Look Way Better via NaturallyCurly



Check out my latest feature post on NaturallyCurly titled, “6 Ways to Make Your Curls Look WAY Better.” Here, I highlight 6 techniques that all naturalistas should know to enhance the appearance of their curls. Of course there are plenty more, but these 6 are some of my favorites! Check them out here.

You can read my first post for NaturallyCurly here.

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CurlsFoTheGirls x NaturallyCurly

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 12.26.09 PMExciting news!

I am officially a NaturallyCurly contributor, woo!  I am super excited about this and encourage you all to read my first article, which is about leave-in conditioner and how your hair can benefit from it in little ways.  You can read the article here.

I’d also love to hear your thoughts about the article!  Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below or send me an email at curlsfothegirls@gmail.com.

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Do you use leave-in conditioner? Why or why not? Share your thoughts!

I’m Back!


Grand Turk, 2014

Good morning, all!  I’m back after taking a week long vacation with my SO (Significant Other), and I just wanted to drop in to share a bit about my trip and new things coming for Curls Fo’ The Girls.  With that being said, let’s get started! (more…)

Feature: Best Skin Care Items for Dry Skin Types


Hey ladies!  My name is Khira, and I am a makeup/product junkie. Nice to meet you! 🙂 I was born in, and currently reside in, New York City! I am interested in, and love all things, beauty and fashion related. I was never really into fashion or beauty when I was growing up, and I was a tomboy for the most part until the end of high school/beginning of college. I truly got to know myself as a person in college, and I became comfortable in expressing myself. I started to dabble into makeup and immediately became obsessed. Playing in makeup made me realize how important it is to actually take care of my skin. I used to wash my face once in blue moon and never really took the time to tend to its needs. My skin is not sensitive whatsoever, but it is extremely dry. Now that I have experimented with skincare products, and have learned what is best for me, I have decided to share my must-have skincare products for those who have drier skin types!


The Curl Swirl Feature: Trader Joe’s Balance Moisturizing Nourish Spa Conditioner Product Review

So lately I’ve been reading a lot about this Trader Joe’s Balance Moisturizing Nourish Spa Conditioner on several natural hair blogs that I stalk daily.. hourly.. so of course I had to see for myself.  I finally have a regimen that I’ve been following, and although my favorite deep conditioner– Camille Rose Algae Mask– provides much needed protein and moisture, the slip is missing from the equation.  My research led me to believe Trader Joe’s could fill this void in my product lineup.