Dove Launches Curly-Haired Emojis for #LoveYourCurls Campaign

dove emojis

On November 4th, Dove made the emoji search a little easier for curly girls by creating an app that would change the way we (curly girls) interact with others.

Curly girls everywhere– on Apple and Android devices– can download the “Dove Curls” App to their phone and use the curly haired emojis at no cost. The emojis include some of our favorites– heart in eyes, kissy faces, and laughing emojis– all with various type of waves and curls and hair colors. This way, no curly girl is left behind!

To access the emojis, you add the app to your keyboard and you should be able to access it when typing a text, etc., the same way you would find other emojis.

I think it’s a great idea as most of us are patiently waiting for Apple to create curly girl emojis. In my opinion, these work a lot better than using weather symbols to describe curls in the interim.

Have you used the Dove curly girl emojis? Share your thoughts below!


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