Harlem Soap Product Review

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Hey all!

I received these two Harlem Soap bars after entering a contest late last year over at The Curl Swirl. I finally got around to trying them (yes, I had to get my life), and I was very surprised with what I discovered.

I was skeptical about trying an all natural bar soap. For one, it being all natural. I have not used an all natural soap bar before this, and I didn’t know what to expect. My main concerns were about the lather and the level of clean I’d feel after using the soap. I like to see a lather like you get from bodywash, so I was concerned about the soap being able to produce the same kind of lather. With that said, I also wondered if a lack of lather would affect the cleanliness level I’d feel after using the soap. I was in for a treat.

FullSizeRender (11)After a quick decision, I chose to use the spearmint & orange soap first. The packaging is very clean and simple, which I liked. The soap wasn’t boxed in so you could actually see what it looks like before use. The company name, the fragrance, and the origin of the soap are provided on the front wrapping. The company site and social media handles can be found on the back of the packaging, as well as the ingredients list, which can also be found here.

The soaps contain goat milk, which is very moisturizing, as well as other moisturizing and beneficial oils. These ingredients are great especially with cooler temperatures right around the corner.

Review: I was pleasantly surprised with what I discovered after using Harlem Soap’s Spearmint & Orange soap. There was no initial lather after wetting the bar and swirling it around on my loofah, but once the loofah made contact with my body, there was lather! The soap also smelled great, but it wasn’t overpowering, which I also liked because the fragrance won’t clash with my lotion and/or perfume. My skin felt extremely soft and moisturized after using the soap thanks to the goat milk and various oils, yet it did not feel oily. I will say that Harlem Soap won me over and has reshaped my views on all natural bar soap. I will definitely be using my bars and ordering more in the future!

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Have you tried Harlem Soap products before? Share your thoughts below!



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