The Uptown Grrl Feature: I’m in Love with the Coco… nut Oil!


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Photo from @AdorkableAffiliation (Instagram)

My friend and blogger, Tori, from the is an avid coconut oil user. I asked her to swing by and share a post with us about how she chooses to use her coconut oil…

“While browsing Instagram, I noticed CurlsFoTheGirls posted a meme that inspired me to dedicate a post to the many ways you can use the beloved, organic coconut oil. I, like many naturally, curly-haired girls, love coconut oil for its moisturizing capabilities, its lightness, scent and price. For $14, I am able to use a simple product in a variety of ways. Below are some of my favorite:

  • As a “pre-poo” – before I deep condition my hair. I like to take some (melted) coconut oil and saturate my hair while I lightly detangle. If I can, I put my hair into two buns and go to bed with a plastic shower cap.
  • I like to add some coconut oil to my deep conditioner if I feel like my hair needs it. I also use it as a light moisturizer for my hair, especially my ends.
  • I solely remove my makeup with coconut oil. On occasion, I may use a creamy, soap-free face cleanser in the shower – especially if I wore heavy makeup. But for everyday use, I find coconut oil to work wonders at breaking down the makeup while keeping my skin soft and not stripped of its natural oils.
  • I also only use coconut oil on my face to cleanse (daily) and moisturize. This is great for oily/acne prone skin as well, since coconut is a good oil. Simply allow some steam to penetrate your pores, rub the coconut on in circular motions and use a clean, damp cloth wipe off the residue. Then add a drop of coconut oil to your face to seal in the moisture and you’re done!
  • I mix coconut oil with my body lotion for a super hydrating, good smelling veil of moisture.
  • When my Anastasia Dip Brow starts to dry, I add a teeny bit of coconut oil to soften it. It works wonders!
  • I use it to moisturize my nails.
  • I use coconut oil in the shower to lock in all the moisture; the steam helps the oil penetrate your skin.

These are some ways that I like to use coconut oil for health:

  • Oil pulling – swish a teaspoon-size amount of coconut oil in your mouth for however long you can take it (20 minutes max). I’ll be honest– it’s gross, and I can’t do 20 minutes yet.
  • Add it to your oatmeal, cereal, or Greek yogurt as a healthy fat.
  • Sauté with it! I especially love to fry those Trader Joe’s frozen pot stickers in coconut oil over baby greens with that Gyoza dressing, yum!

How do you use coconut oil?”

The was founded by Tori J. of Harlem, NY. A beauty and style lover, I created The Uptown Grrl Blog and now YouTube page, to share my knowledge, inspiration, and creativity with other young women. Hope you enjoy my videos and posts!

You can find Tori on Instagram [at] TheUptownGrrl.

Until next time,

Do you have any questions for Tori or any tips on coconut oil usage? Share them below!



  1. I have really bad acne prone skin and it’s pretty oily. I always feel like any oil even its “natural” or “organic” or holds certain “properties” that my body produces will just make me break out again. Have you used coconut oil for your skin or do you know of anyone personally who uses it for their acne prone skin and what their regiment? I haven’t done enough of my own research to back my claims but I am just curious on an acne regiment using coconut oil.

    1. Hey! I honestly have not used coconut oil in my skincare regimen as I have oily skin and fear breakouts. I have used coconut oil to remove my makeup, and I wash my face afterwards to remove the residue. I also try to use gel-based cleansers and moisturizers to prevent breakouts and shine. If you are interested in trying it, I’d suggest doing a patch test and seeing what happens from there!

  2. Hi Ashley!!!!

    Yes- it’s Kim from your Marist class…decided to check out your blog and let you know I’m a curly hair’d girl myself and I L-O-V-E coconut oil! I also use it on my 2 daughters who have curly hair as well. It keeps their scalp and locks healthy- and has also helped with hair growth. I’ve also used it on one of my daughters who had excema when she was an infant and I had to use something very gentle on her skin. I’ve used it for her diaper rash too and it worked better than any diaper rash cream. I buy industrial sized jars at Costco. We also cook with it and every so often when I need an energy boost I will add a tsp to my coffee as it is supposed to improve energy and support a healthy metabolism.

    You have some great suggestions for other ways to use coconut oil, I especially like the makeup removing idea. I love the versatility that this oil offers as a beauty, health, and kitchen product! Great blog post! All hail the mighty coconut!!! 😋💖💗💞❤️

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