Transitioner’s Point of View: Vastia


Tell us about yourself.
> I am a mother of one, beauty vlogger, healthy hair maven, student, daughter and hardworking NY woman. ย I reside in Brooklyn. ๐Ÿ™‚

How long have you been transitioning?
> I made 2 years post relaxer in October 2014.

What influenced you to transition?
> To be honest, I was broke and chose to save money by cutting corners. ย My hair just happened to be one of them.

What has beenimage-16-08-14-09-55 the most difficult part of your journey thus far?
> The only thing that has been difficult is explaining how easy things were for me. ย People want to relate to things and that’s not something I can relate with.

What have you learned about your hair since transitioning?
> I have learned he is (yes, he lol) simple. ย He doesn’t ask for much and that might be because I am heavy handed with product lol. ย BUT he doesn’t like casts on him; he likes breathable products.

Have you ever thought about big chopping?
> LOL nope! ย I transitioned by accident so the thought of big chopping was never there for me. ย I’ve cut my hair plenty of times throughout this journey and in the past. ย Hair grows so there shouldn’t be aย problem.

What are some of your favorite products?
> COCONUT OIL!!! African shea butter, water, EVOO & grapeseed oil

What are some of your favorite hairstyles?image-16-08-14-09-55-2
> I love braidouts. ย I am simple; 2 braids & I’m good! ย I also like wash & (literal) gos– I like to wash my hair and let it do it’s own thing without styling agents sometimes.

What are your hair goals?
> Healthy. ย I don’t have length desires just strength desires.

Any advice for new transitioners?
> You have 2 options: be patient and work with your hair or detest your relaxed/texlaxed hair and just cut it. ย Don’t hold on to that hair if it’s getting knotted up and tangled; that is counterproductive to your goals.

Twitter: _jadorevastia; Instagram: JadoreVastia; FB: Vastia Sylvester

Until next time,

Do you have any questions for Vastia about her natural hair journey? ย Comment below!



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