Event: A Hair Affair, Ricky’s NYC Welcomes Briogeo Hair Care!


On Thursday, September 18th, I attended a “hair affair” to celebrate the launch of the Briogeo Hair Care line.  The brand, founded by Nancy Twine, turns 1 year old this month, and it was indeed a great time to celebrate.  The brand made its way to Sephora stores over the summer and can now be found on the shelves of Ricky’s NYC stores!

DSC_0416The celebration took place at Ricky’s on 27th street (369 3rd Avenue) from 5-8pm.  Upon arrival you were greeted by some associates passing out free samples of the Be Gentle, Be Kind shampoo.  When you entered the store, there was a check-in desk to the left and the main attraction was positioned behind the desk.  The shelf was stocked with your Briogeo favorites– the shampoo, conditioner, cowash, DDR treatment, and the leave-in.  Unfortunately the oil is not currently in Ricky’s stores, but you can grab it on the Briogeo site or Sephora stores.  I arrived around 5:15pm and there was a handful of people there including Michelle Breyer, President & Co-Founder of NaturallyCurly/TextureMedia.  As time passed the attendees started pouring in– media, bloggers, vloggers and such!  Guests (21+) were invited to sign in and receive a wristband for champagne, which was located in the back with cupcakes and lemon infused water.

DSC_0420In the center of the store, there were mini makeovers and a braid bar hosted by SwivelBeauty.  Attendees were invited to get a complimentary braid–  waterfall, halo, or fishtail.  I honestly wanted to get a braid, but my curls were on 100 thanks to that Curl Charisma Leave-in Creme!  However, my friend Chantell, creator of The Curl Swirl, was one of the first in line to get a braid, and it was cute!  I did see a lot of familiar faces, but it was also great to see some new ones.

Just so you all know– I did style my hair with Briogeo products for the night.  I used the Curl Charisma Leave-in Creme and the Rosarco Oil, and my curls were super curly.  Michelle Breyer said she liked my curls and the color (cheese grin), so snapped she a photo for the NaturallyCurly FaceBook page. You can check it out here.

The Briogeo x Ricky’s NYC event was a success!  The turnout was amazing (BIG thank you to everyone that stopped by), the DJ was great, and there were all around good vibes.  I am so proud of the Briogeo brand and how much it has grown within the year.  So congratulations again, Nancy, on your accomplishments within the last year!

More photos from the event:


Until next time,
Ashley, xo.

Do you have any questions about the Briogeo Hair Care line?  Comment below or shoot me an email at curlsfothegirls@gmail.com!

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  • diane
    September 20, 2014 at 8:35 pm

    aaawww thanks for posting the pic of my hair on here! i still need to do my blog write up 🙂 it was so great meeting you =)

    • Ashley
      September 20, 2014 at 11:08 pm


      No problem! I’d love to read yours once it’s up. It was great meeting you as well! xo