Tariq Nevar: The Groomsmith


Who is Tariq Nevar?
> Tariq “The Groomsmith” Ferguson is a celebrity barber with clientele in various industries– music, comedy, film, professional athletics to motivational speaking.  He’s had the pleasure of working with such stars as rapper YG, actor and comedian Mike Epps, NBA Analyst and former NBA player Chris Webber, NFL player Jay Bromley, and author of “413 Ways to Be Successful” Kevin Claiborne amongst many others.

Nicknamed “The Official Barber of Syracuse Basketball,” the Groomsmith is an alumnus of Syracuse University and spent 6 years in Central New York.

Although he calls Atlanta, GA home, he travels across the United States promoting the idea that being a barber is not just a profession and getting a haircut is not just an occasional task.

tariq6As the son of late motion picture hairstylist, Roxanne Ferguson, Tariq grew up immersed in the hair industry.  Inspired by his mother, he owned his first pair of clippers at the age of 13 and played an integral part in the opening of a barbershop near the Syracuse University campus at 22.

In the future, Tariq looks forward to further developing the intersections of his passion for basketball, grooming young men into exceptional leaders and being the best barber in the industry.

How long have you been barbering and what sparked your interest?
> I started barbering at 13.  I was raised in the shop/salon as my mother was a world renowned/award winning barber/hairstylist/makeup artist.  Just being around the cosmetology industry so often and seeing it take my mother around the world made styling interesting to me!  When my mother gave me my first pair of clippers, I felt so empowered (even though I had no idea what to do with them)!

Do you consider barbering to be an art?tariq2
> Without a doubt!  I see every client that sits in my chair as a blank canvas – the creative juices have to be flowing at all times!

What is a lesson you’ve learned while barbering?
> I’ve learned so many lessons while barbering.  I’ve learned how to manage conflict in the workplace, how to mentor young professionals in this industry, and patience.  I’ve also learned the importance of investing in yourself, how to manage money (being that I get paid everyday as opposed to weekly or bi-weekly), the importance of being professional, and and how much work it takes to get to where you want to be!

What is your favorite tool?
> I would have to say my clipper case.  I literally have a traveling barbering case that holds all of my equipment and doubles as my station when I have to work outside of the salon.  It is really dope!

tariq1How do you go about creating some of your clients’ looks?  Is it a ‘go with the flow’ kind of feeling?
> I generally start with 5 to 10 minutes of consultations.  I try to figure out who you are before I go giving you a look that doesn’t quite match your lifestyle.  I’d never give a 60yo CEO of a company a mohawk with designs!

I study all types of haircuts from different time periods, regions of the world, and from all different barbers so when it comes to create a look, I usually have one in mind based on the personality and career of the client.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
> Whew!  In 5 years?  This is hard to say because I’ve exceeded all of my goals at this point.  I want to be the first African American millionaire in the barbering industry and I firmly believe I can achieve that within the next 5 years.

I’m working on my own line of hair products and grooming tools, an instructional DVD, a YouTube series, and career consultation for barbers wanting to take their career to the next level!  I really love how busy I am these days and can’t wait for things to start materializing!

How do you feel about where you are today?tariq5
> I’m blessed.  I find myself to be the youngest person present almost everywhere I go.  So many of my colleagues are impressed with my maturity level, skill, and drive being that I’m only 24.

My son, Jace, who turns 3 in October, is a big reason for my success.  He is on my mind every moment I am awake.  As much as I love the success I’ve had in my career, nothing compares to seeing how much my son loves and looks up to me.

Where can people reach you?
> I try to be as accessible as possible.  My Instagram & Twitter are both @TheTariqNevar, my email is TariqNevar@gmail.com, and my direct contact is 678-559-5310 (serious inquiries only!!).  I love to meet new people so if anyone wants to contact me for any reason, feel free!

More photos of Tariq’s work:

tariq8 tariq7 tariq4tariq11tariq10tariq9

Until next time,
Ashley, xo.

Do you have any questions for Tariq about the art of barbering?  Comment below!


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