5 Things to Consider When Getting a Haircut

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Evan was named by NaturallyCurly as one of the Instagrammers you should follow this summer.. and for good reason.  Evan has a way with curls– he is the owner of a salon called Elements Luxury Salon in the Columbus, OH area– and he is able to transform lifeless curls into shiny, springy waves and ringlets while helping women embrace their hair in its natural state.

Evan is a CURLadvoCUT and with a nickname like that, it’s evident that a trim or cut is important in the growth and maintenance of curls.  I asked Evan to provide us with some insight and give us his top 5 things to consider when getting a haircut:

1. Do you really need a haircut or do you just need a styling lesson?

  • A lot of times, curly girls think they need a haircut when in reality, they just need to learn how to care for their curls properly and let their hair blossom into all its beauty.

2. When going to a new stylist, first schedule an appointment for a wash & style– NO cut!

  • This way, you get to see if you like the way they do things without  the long term effects of a bad haircut.  Take this opportunity to ask questions.  If this appointment goes well then schedule a haircut!

3. Questions to Ask:

  • Do you cut curly hair dry or wet?
  • Do you comb or brush curly hair?
  • Do you shampoo curly hair?
  • Do you handle a lot of curly hair?

4. Ask curly girls you admire about where they get their hair cut.

  • Curly girls love to share the curly love and will most definitely lead you to the expert in your area!

5. If your ends are “dead”– not curling from heat StrHATEning treatments/smoothing treatments– cut them off!

  • You can take your time trimming it over time, but your hair won’t blossom into its true beauty until the ‘fried’ hair is gone.  In reality, the dead ends are sucking the moisture away from your healthy hair and splitting your healthy growth.

More photos of Evan:

photo 2 (3) photo 1 (3)

You can check Evan out on Instagram @EVANNHAIR

Until next time,
Ashley, xo.

When was the last time you had a proper haircut?  Do you have any questions for Evan about cutting hair?  Comment below!



  1. I have an under layer of hair in the back that is quite straight. When I am trimming it myself, I cut it a bit shorter than the curlier layers on top of it. How do I explain this and inquire whether or not a new stylist is willing to use this approach to me hair?

    1. Hi Melinda! There is a chance the texture at the back of your head is looser than the rest of your hair. If you use heat styling and straighten your hair often, there is a chance you could be suffering from heat damage. If that’s not the case, I would suggest using a heatless curling method to curl the back of your hair. Some products even help with curl enhancing. 🙂

      I hope this answers your question! If not, send me an email and we can discuss this further.


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