Bantu Knot Pictorial Using the Jessicurl Confidence Collection

Jasmine is definitely one of my hair crushes, and I’m so happy she sent over this quick pictorial (with directions) to help us all with our bantu knots!

This looks was created with the Jessicurl Confidence Collection:

JDwintersFeatThese items can be found on the Jessicurl site as well as  The collection consists of a cleansing cream, deep conditioning treatment, a moisturizing conditioner, and a styling solution.

Jasmine’s bantu knots were done on semi wet hair.  She used a little of the Super Soft Butter Blend from Truly You to twist her hair to form the knots.  After creating the bantu knots, she added some peppermint oil (optional), put her bonnet on, and allowed the bantu knots to dry overnight.


Bantu knots should be taken down carefully.  Once they have been taken down and separated, you fluff the roots & go!  I asked Jasmine to explain how she created her bantu knots and this was her response:

“I take one section and do a turn twist.  Once the twist has tightened up a bit, I begin to wrap it around (itself) making sure I use my other hand to place one finger on the base to keep it from moving.  I keep wrapping it until it looks like a snake balled up.  Once it is wrapped, I make sure the ends are tucked and put away.  I secure it at the base with a bobby pin.”

After the take down and fluffing, your bantu knots should look something like the intro photo.

I hope this pictorial helps!  It might give me some hope and courage to try bantu knots again.

Instagram: JD_WINTERS

Until next time,
Ashley, xo.

Have you tried bantu knots?  Do you have a specific method bantu knot method?  Comment below!


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