Feature: Bentonite Clay Product Review

Melissa has previously appeared on Curls Fo’ The Girls as a Spotlight Monday feature.  This time, she’s bringing a product review on a natural clay that can be used to cleanse and help define curls!

Product: Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay – Bentonite clay ($4.99, Vitamin Shoppe)

Why did I purchase this product?
> I decided to buy this clay because of all the amazing and satisfied reviews I read and heard from so many different people (on and offline). When I heard that your hair gets so clean that your curls soften and become more defined, I said “that’s it, I have to try it!” The clay is fairly inexpensive so I was lucky enough to purchase a pound from the Vitamin Shoppe for only $4.99! I have had so many failed attempts at trying to define my curls with different products and retain the definition after my hair dried, that I was becoming discouraged. After detoxing with the Bentonite Clay, I was absolutely more in love with my hair than ever! I didn’t even need anything else in my hair after I used it. I was really impressed with the results and happy that those reviews steered me in the right direction.

Clay Mix and Application
> I measured each ingredient by eye instead of precise measurements. Luckily, I’ve been managing to make the exact amount for one use– not too much and not too little.> I mixed the clay powder, some castor Oil, aloe vera juice and apple cider vinegar together because this is what works for my hair. I used the castor oil to give my hair a little more moisture, but you can use any oil that works for you. This mixture works better than water and the clay alone. The ACV also made a fizzing sound when it touched the powder! I highly recommend that you don’t use water and the clay alone because there is a possibility of dryness. However, everyone’s hair is different! When you mix the clay, do not use metal bowls and utensils because the chemical reaction can actually mess up your dishes. I used a plastic bowl and a plastic spoon until I got a heavy paste. I sprayed my hair with some water and aloe juice. Then, I applied the clay section by section– from the back of my head to the front. I applied it from my scalp to the ends of my hair almost like I was applying a relaxer LOL. I also made sure to rub the mixture along my scalp to ensure that my hair and scalp were as clean as possible. When I was done, I applied a little more to my edges and then I let the clay sit until it was about 80% dry. I left it in for a little over an hour, but you can leave it in for as little or as much time as you want. Your hair will start to get hard while the mixture is drying, but once it’s time to rinse, it will come right out! I rinsed my hair in the shower and refrained from disturbing my curls until I saw clear water. This knocked out the shampooing and conditioning process! However, I did do a deep conditioning treatment to add more moisture although my hair was super soft.

Review:  When I was done, it was safe to say that my hair was amazeballs! It felt really soft, my coily curls popped, and I saw definition I had  never seen before. I co-wash more than I shampoo, but after using this, I do not think I will ever buy shampoo again. I like the fact that it’s a natural powder from the earth (literally from deposits in the ground from old volcanic ash) and you can use it as a weekly facial and body detox, a twice a month hair detox, to remove dead skin from your feet and calm bug bites, stomach aches, etc.! It balances the pH in your hair, removes toxins and product buildup from shampoos, conditioners and other products, and it releases minerals in your hair.  It does a lot for $5 so I definitely recommend that every natural try this hair detox at least once. I am a frugal person, and I am happy that I found something very affordable and simple to add to my already simple regimen. I believe your wallet and hair will thank you if you use this clay. I now have hope my first “wash and go” instead of a “wash and no“.

Do you have any questions for Melissa about the Bentonite Clay detox? Have you tried the clay before? Share your experiences below!

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