My Updated Detangling Routine Using My Lovely Digits

I’m definitely going to keep this post short and I just wanted to briefly touch on my updated detangling routine.  Since cutting my hair, I’ve decided to give my wide tooth combs a break, and I have been using my lovely fingers instead to detangle!  Yes, I have tested out finger detangling and I honestly love it.  Here’s why:

  • Less broken hairs: Since finger detangling, I’ve noticed that I have a lot less broken hairs than before.  Granted I only have a small section of hair to detangle, but I have noticed that I remove less hair with finger detangling than I would by a wide tooth comb.  I am able to feel for tangles and knots a lot easier with my fingers which allows me time to work them out rather than ripping them out.
  • Less tugging: I don’t have to constantly pull at a section of hair to detangle.  I usually wash my hair with a sulfate-free shampoo or cleansing conditioner, then I apply my Tresemme Naturals Nourishing Moisture Conditioner to detangle.  Here, I separate my hair starting from the front of the tuft and I gently comb through the section with my fingers.  This way, I get rid of the tangles without yanking my hair out.  After the section is completed, I move to the next section using the same combing motion.  I remove any shed hairs from my hands before moving to the next section to prevent future knots, etc.
  • Time efficient: Finger detangling is also time efficient.  I have a small tuft to detangle, but I noticed that I am able to finger detangle a lot more quickly than I would with a WTC.  With the comb, I’d have to be careful so that I don’t snap the hairs, but I noticed that I am able to move quickly and my fingers comb through my hair a lot more smoothly than with the comb.
  • Curl preservation: I have also noticed that finger detangling preserves my curl pattern.  I noticed that my curls would be a bit frizzier if I detangled with a WTC, but my fingers allow my curls to stay intact thus reducing frizz.  My curls remain springy and curly instead of wavy and a lot less frizzy!
Check out this video from my favorite curly girl/vlogger, MahoganyCurls about Finger Detangling.  She explains (and demonstrates) the pros of finger detangling and why she opts to use her fingers instead of a wide tooth comb.

I hope this helps,
Ashley, xo.

What is your detangling method?  Do you, or have you, finger detangled before?  Share your experience below!

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