Simple Braided Updo Pictorial


Hey lovelies!  It’s Holiday season and I wanted to share a simple updo for the ladies that are protective styling.  I took my PS out a couple of weeks ago, but I thought about you all 😉
I can only imagine how difficult it is to find easy styles are that fun, creative, and easy on the hair.  This simple updo is simple enough to do, but especially fun for the Holidays!  I asked my friend, Lori, to demonstrate one of her favorite updos and here it is!
You will need:
– a soft bristle brush (for your edges and nape area, optional)
Let’s get started!
First, lean forward to bring all braids to the front:


Next, take 2 braids from the left side of your head, and 2 from the right (preferably around the middle for added security and less tension on the braids around your edges):

Then, wrap the sectioned off braids around the majority and tie as you would tie a shoelace.  (This acts as a hair tie):

Next, divide braids into 2 sections and braid them:

Then, wrap each braid around, in opposite directions, and secure with bobby pins:

*Slaying your edges is optional once the braids have been secured!
All done:
*Side note: Feel free to add a head wrap if you want to spice up the look.  Just wrap accordingly after your braids have been secured!
I would love to see some of these updos recreated especially during the Holidays.  If you have time and take on Lori’s updo, tag us at #curlsfothegirls on Instagram!
Happy Holidays,
Ashley, xo.
Do you have a favorite braided updo or questions for Lori about her updo?  Comment below!



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