Must Have 2013 Fall/Winter Fashion Trends

Thinking back to my first post, I believe I mentioned to you all that I would be including different pieces on my blog including fashion and makeup topics.  Finally, we’ll take a quick break from our cabinets and head to our closets as my friend, Jair, a fashion PR blogger, guides us in selecting pieces for our 2013 Fall/Winter Wardrobes…
Jair, Fashion PR Blogger, Creator of
Hello ladies,
I think it’s only right that I first introduce myself.  My name is Jair, and I am a fashion PR blogger.  I am thankful Ashley wanted to feature me on her blog.
Now, as it finally gets colder, I thought it was only right to talk about 2013 fall and winter trends.  There are plenty of trends that will catch your eye.  Some might be intimidating , and some are super easy to pull off.  Today, I will share three trends that are a must have in your wardrobes.  These looks will not only be work appropriate, but can double up as either casual or nightlife looks.
Statement Color: Green
1. Shades of Green:
Green is definitely in for the fall.  Different shades of green look fantastic while the colors of the leaves are changing.  Instead of going for pastel and bright neon green, opt for emerald, sage, or forest green.  These rich and vibrant colors looks fabulous, and can warm up the tones of a look during the chillier months.  If you’re bold and daring, purchase an oversized wool coat or a sleek tailored dress with a knee length hemline.  The oversized wool coat will keep you warm on chilly days while adding extra character to any outfit.  A sleek tailored dress in either of these gorgeous colors will also set you apart while at work. The color will definitely warm up the undertones in your skin, while keeping you classy and chic.  If one statement piece is too much, you can opt for some green accessories.  In this look, I paired a wool black sweater with a wool knee length pencil skirt with leather detail, a forest green tote and a forest green hat.  Even though this look is simple, you bring character to the outfit by bringing in this statement color.
Statement Coat
2. Statement Coat:
This fall/winter, it is essential to have a statement coat.  Whether you’re bold and funky, or a minimalist, you’ll need to have a coat that sets you apart, and takes your outfit to a whole new level.  Statement coats are a perfect touch for a simple outfit.  It’s an easy way to show your personal style without having to do so much with the base of your outfit.  If you want something super bold, opt for a bright faux mink coat, or something with a bold pattern and color.  These would be perfect to pair with an all black outfit.  It will give the outfit an immediate dose of personality.  The look I put together was a little subtle.  Cream is a beautiful color for the fall, especially in contrast to the colors of the leaves.  Wearing a pair of boyfriend jeans, a cream chunky oversized wool sweater, and a pair of booties, is the perfect base for this outfit.  It’s warm, yet easy and comfortable.  The statement jacket is a trendy shearling drape jacket.  Even though it’s a neutral color, the fur showing on the inside sets the jacket apart.  Also, it looks fab against the wool cream sweater.  To complete this look wear gold accessories– simple studs and a chunky chain necklace– a leopard clutch, and maroon lipstick and nail polish. The maroon will definitely set the mood for the fall.
The Leather Touch
3. Leather Weather:
We all know that leather was a major trend for this summer, even though it seemed a little impractical.  To embrace the cool weather, this funky trend will follow us into fall.  Instead of wearing leather shorts or skirts, switch it up with a pair of leather sweatpants or trousers.  These leather sweatpants give a “put together” casual look.  This look I put together was casual, yet appropriate for work, or for a day exploring NYC.  The boxy white t-shirt was perfect for these leather sweatpants.  It gives the look a trendy and cool feel.  I also added a wool trench coat with leather detailing to this outfit.  I think the coat was super cool and amped up the outfit; it brought it together as a whole.  To finish off the look, add a pair of sneakers, gold accessories, and nude makeup.  This keeps the look fresh, clean, and, of course, chic.
There are plenty of trends to be embraced for the colder months.  These are just a few essentials you MUST have in your wardrobe to have a fashionable fall and winter.  For more news about fashion, public relations, beauty, and styling tips tune in to for updates.  Thanks for reading!
For more info about these looks prepared by Jair, follow @FPR_Royalty on Twitter!

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